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This master’s degree in film will for sure teach all the aspects of filmmaking, but with the profound addition of the Transcendental Meditation® technique, taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This will give all those in the program the ability to dive within, to transcend..." Read Full Quote

Why we're different

Latest news: Our Film Competition Winners

The quality of the submissions to our scholarship film competition was thrilling. The winners were: Kinga Kulcsar in first place for her film submission One Word, Monica Demes for Halloween, Jake Dilley for Aperture, Marc Baraka Strauch for Inside This Clay Jug [Kabir], Jacob Mendel for The Waking Artist, and Keaton Mangelson for Trentemøller – Moan.

A film is like a duck. Watch the video to find out why.
  • Learn intuitive, visionary filmmaking

    In silence and with clarity, realize your vision and create a project that has an impact
  • Collaborative studio atmosphere

    People are happy in the low stress environment and that makes them keen to work together on creative projects.
  • Vision Quest, to catch the big fish

    Take your idea from the initial sparkling moment of cognition all the way to completion.
  • Consciousness-Based℠ education

    Dive into the ocean of pure consciousness – the source of all creativity. Clear all obstacles to creative expression.
  • David Lynch

    You'll have the opportunity to meet and discuss film and creativity in person with David in two special Q&A sessions. In addition, David will be speaking with the classes via Skype periodically.


A story is a clown that’s escaped from a circus. Why did he run away? Did Luella, the svelte acrobat with the caustic wit break his heart? Has he been inspired to join a people’s revolution? A story tells us who the hero is, his goal, and how he overcomes every obstacle to reach it.


A screenplay distills the story into a concentrated potion of speech, sound and visuals. A blueprint where each stroke counts. You strike the balance between light and dark, silence and motion. It is the essence of the story and nothing more.

Film Project

A film project is a military operation. But you’re shooting with cameras rather than guns, marshalling creatives rather than soldiers. The activity needs to be as organized and synchronized as a combat mission, but the goal is realizing the blueprint, bringing it to life.

The Edit

You work like an alchemist, slicing and dicing footage until you find the clean silver line. Sound gives meaning. Visual effects create texture. Music creates atmosphere. Something inside guides you. When every part is in the right place, it creates the wholeness. This is the elixir.

Media Project

It’s the digital age, so talk in as many forms as you can--it’s not just about filmmaking. Produce an exhibition of your paintings and include video installations. Start a small business and create a web series as a marketing tool. Reach into the world with a hundred voices.


The media market is a leviathan, monstrous in its power and forever changing its form. So what now? You’re the creator. What do you do with your film? Best get ready to go into battle.