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The Practical Visionary: Create a major project and kickstart your career

The plan for the David Lynch MAs in Film are to support each student in a voyage from ideas to completion of a major collaborative project.

The goal is to give aspiring filmmakers the time, equipment and the guidance to follow their visions and create film media that has an impact and transform the world. Students may create a film or a TV Series for the Web, television, cable, or theatrical release. In the ever-changing media environment, there are many new opportunities for distribution arising, including Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo, and Hulu, among others.

The program is about having a year to go deeply into a creative experience that will transform both you and your career.

David Lynch MA in Film Track- student work

The David Lynch MA in Film Faculty

Faculty in 2013-2014 included:

  • Stuart Tanner, an acclaimed producer and director of documentary films for the BBC, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, and others. His projects include The Mahogany Trail (1996), Death on the Silk Road (1999), Profits of Doom (2001), Children of Vengeance (2002), Time Team (2004), and, most recently, Saving The Disposable Ones (2011), a documentary that takes you to the heartbreaking streets of inner city Columbia, where Father Gabriel Mejia, a Catholic priest, is transforming the lives of thousands of children by providing shelter, love and Transcendental Meditation.

Visiting lecturers and guest speakers in 2013-2014 included:

  • Leigh Badgley, award-winning documentary filmmaker for A&E, CBC, and Canada’s National Film Board
  • Richard Beymer, filmmaker, actor in West Side Story, Twin Peaks, and many more
  • Bill Borden, producer of Mission Impossible 3, High School Musical, An Officer and a Gentleman, and many others
  • Jim Carrey, actor, four time Golden Globe Award nominee
  • Ellen Chenoweth, casting director for The Natural, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Ruthless People, Broadcast News, Good Night and Good Luck, No Country for Old Men, True Grit, Men in Black 3, and many others
  • Peter Farrelly, writer, producer and/or director of 15 films, including There’s Something About Mary, Me, Myself & Irene, Shallow Hal, and Dumb and Dumber Too
  • Jeremy Kagan, director of Heroes (film), The Big Fix, The Chosen, and 41 other films and television shows
  • Louise Levison, author of Variety Presents: Filmmakers and Financing — Business Plans for Independents
  • Dara Marks, script doctor, author of Inside Story
  • Anthony Meindl, acting coach, three time Backstage magazine winner
  • John Raatz, promoter of What The Bleep Do We Know? and many others
  • Lisa Wilson, international film distributor of Academy Award winners On Golden Pond, Crash, and Hugo, and many others

Graduation Requirements for the David Lynch MAs in Film

To qualify for the David Lynch MA in Film degree, students must successfully complete the general requirements for a master’s degree. Students enter the program at the beginning of the fall semester and can complete all coursework in two semesters. The following 30 credits of coursework in film are required:

  • MC 500 Advanced Narrative (2 credits)
  • MC 520 Advanced Screenwriting (4 credits)
  • MC 560 Advanced Pre-Production (4 credits)
  • MC580 Advanced Film Production (4 credits)
  • MC 581 Thesis Film Project (12 credits)
  • MC 585 Advanced Post-Production (4 credits)