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Short Film Competition Finalists


Congratulations to the winner of the David Lynch MA in Film short film competition, Agnes Baginska! She received the prize of a full scholarship to the David Lynch MA in Film after her film, Milkmaid, was selected by David Lynch as our first place winner. We are so happy to have her with us this year!

See bel...

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Syncing a RED Camera and the Sound Devices 744t in Adobe Premiere CC

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.09.56 PMMany questions have come my way regarding this problem that people can have in Premiere with syncing R3D footage. Here is a step by step process to synchronize and organize your clips so you can get on with your e...

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There’s still time to apply!

David Lynch MA in Film students with Bill Borden, producer of Mission Impossible 3, High School Musical, An Office and a Gentleman, and many others

Good news--there's still time to apply to the 2014-2015 David Lynch MA in Film. Our application deadline has changed to August 15. Classes start September 1. Join us! We've got some great plans for the coming year. (more…)...

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Jim Carrey’s Visit Here (Part 1)

Jim Carrey with MUM President Bevan Morris.

Jim Carrey delivered the commencement address here on May 24. He stood before a packed house of listeners with astronomical expectations, and seemed to effortlessly exceed every one. The Cedar Rapids Gazette called it "the best commencement address ever." A blend of philosophical and hilarious, his speech was a seamless ebb and flow of classic antics and poignant words of advice t...

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The MA in Film Students’ Birthday Video for David Lynch

Last January, the MA class took on the challenge of creating a video to wish David Lynch a Happy Birthday. The result was the original, confetti-filled, and dare we say "Lynchian" ninety seconds that you see here. Enjoy! (more…)...

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Scholarship Competition FAQ!

You've got questions, I've got answers. Recently I interviewed myself to answer some frequently asked questions about the short film competition to win a full scholarship to the David Lynch MA in Film. Send your film and written statement to by June 21st! ...

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Peter Farrelly in Los Angeles


As one half of the comedic duo who brought us Dumb and Dumber, There's Something About Mary, and Shallow Hal, it was no surprise that the few hours our class spent with Peter Farrelly during our visit to Los Angeles this past April turned out to be such a riot. Dressed down in jeans and a T-shirt, he walked back and forth in front of the screen of the theater where we had all gathered and began to describe his approach to pitching a script saying that he, “Never goes past the first act.” when selling an idea. “No one...

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Film Competition: Win a Full Scholarship to the David Lynch MA in Film

David with a student

The David Lynch MA in Film at Maharishi University of Management has launched a film competition for a full scholarship for the 2014-2015 school year. To qualify for the full scholarship, prospective MA students are invited to submit an original film up to ten minutes in length. Four time Academy Award nominee David Lynch will personally view the top six submissions and select the winner. The David Lynch MA in Film is a one year program aimed at supporting talented film students in developing and completi...

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Meeting with David Lynch in Los Angeles

David Lynch

The David Lynch MA in Film students and faculty spent Thursday and Friday morning April 24 and 25 in Hollywood Hills meeting with David Lynch in his home studio, where parts of his film Lost Highway were shot. In these sessions, David shared many practical and inspiring thoughts with the students about the world of film and media and about consciousness. David also agreed to watch the students’ thesis films when they are finished, and he agreed to make a cameo speaking appearance in the forthcoming feature-length mockumentary comedy ...

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What Hard Drives To Buy, and Why You Need Them


Backing up, and making copies of your "negative" (or source files) in filmmaking will always be a logistical consideration. There are a number of options to ensure the safety of your files and considerations to make for the correct hard drive to buy. Considerations might include:

  • How valuable the files are that you're backing up.
  • If you'll be editing from the external hard drive or from your computers in-built drive.
  • Longevity necessary for the drives. In other words, how long you want to hold onto your file...

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